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UCISA Fall Fun Regatta - Saturday Oct 25

Sat Oct 25th 2:15 pm - 6:00pm

Welcome to the UCISA Fall Fun Regatta!

Saturday October 25th Schedule of Events:
1415 (2:15pm) - Arrival and Rigging at OCC/UCI SailBase
1500 (3:00pm) First Warning (for start of races) in the turning basin
1700 (5:00pm) Sail in. No warning after 1630/4:30pm
1800 (6:00pm) Sunset/Boats de-rigged, washed off & put away
J22 (6 total)
Capri 14 (8 total)
CFJ (8 total - UCI Sailing Team Only)

In order to reserve a boat and enter as a skipper, you must be a current/paid (annual/fall/academic) UCISA rated skipper member. If you wish to enter the regatta as a skipper and reserve a boat, please take care of your membershipfirst and then send in this registration form. Registration/UCI boat reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis (so it matters when you send the form in). Mandy will send you an email confirmation that your registration is in and your boat reservation has been confirmed. If all of the boats have been reserved, we can work together to match crews and give as many people a chance to sail as possible. There is a Capri 2 class on Saturday afternoons and we’d like to have students from that class participate as crews.

The reason the arrival time is not until 2:15pm is because OCC has a large class that runs until 2pm. There is construction on PCH and no parking on the street. Please arrive after 2pm and doyour best to carpool and park tandem with other UCI regatta participants. We need to really work with OCC on parking in our final year with this lease. Please be understanding and accommodating!

This is a "fun regatta" with a goal to get a bunch of UCI folks out sailing, learning, meeting each other etc with a little bit of competition. Please abide by the racing rules of sailing (starbord-port, windward leeward, over early at start, etc.). The main rule should be to avoid a collision. If there is an infraction/foul during a race and you are the party at fault, please do a 360. No protests will be heard.

Please be respectful of your fellow club sailors on the water, avoid collision/damage to boats and be friendly. Theemphasis will be on fun. There are no trophies, just bragging rights.

Our goal is to get 3 short races in. The courses will be announced on the water, before each start. All racing will start/stop in the turning basin.There will be no racing in the ocean or with spinnakers. We will score theracing and announce the standings at the end of the afternoon.

Please email Mandy McDonnell at mandy.m@uci.edu with questions.

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